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The Central Tech Logo with Tagline Whenever possible, the logo should be reproduced as shown in three colors: Central Tech blue, green and orange. It may also be printed all black or reverse (white).

Tagline Central Tech’s tagline is Elevate Educate Empower. This tagline is referred to as the 3E tagline. The tagline should be used as a complete line, not broken up and/or separated. The E’s should remain in the original order.


Alternate Central Tech Logos In certain situations elements within the logo, such as the globe, swoosh and the 3E tagline may be removed if objects or text will become illegible once printed. The logo may also be printed in all blue or metallic silver with approval of the marketing department. It may appear in gray on monogrammed items only. The tagline may be replaced with departmental names if approved by the marketing department.


CT Icon The CT Icon is currently being piloted by the marketing department to accompany the Central Tech Logo in promotional material and on social media.

Improper Logo Use Always use the official logo. Do not attempt to recreate, alter or:

  • Distort, stretch, compress, crop, angle/rotate, or pixielate the logo
  • Place the logo in a box, over a texture, pattern, photograph with a confusing background
  • Use the official logo in a sentence instead of the words “Central Tech”, however, Central Tech can be written in Anakiem Display, the logo’s official font
  • Reduce the logo smaller than 1/4” in height Different formats of the logo for varied print purposes can be obtained from the marketing office.


Color is as significant to graphic identity as images, symbols and marks. The official colors of Central Tech are blue, green and orange.


MYRIAD PRO Myriad Pro is clean and contemporary. It communicates a modern and efficient approach. A modified version of Myriad Pro is used for the 3E tagline.

CENTURY GOTHIC Century Gothic is a light and consistent font. It is an all purposed font that communicates a friendly and classic message.

CALIBRI Calibri shows stability. Calibri has subtle rounding on stems and corners creating a warm and soft character that displays nicely on a computer screen.

ANAKEIM DISPLAY Anakeim Display is the font used to create the Central Tech logo using a modified “e”.


ADDRESS: Drumright: 3 CT Circle,Drumright, OK 74030

ADDRESS: Sapulpa: 1720 S Main, Sapulpa, OK 74066






Director, Communications & Marketing 

Stephanie Pool x238


Marketing Coordinator

Sherman Merchant x239


Marketing Specialist

Jacob Goff x368


Administrative Assistant

Jill Collins x218