Earn your CDL in 23 training days – and be on the road in one month! Central Tech’s Truck Driver Training program is the only course in Oklahoma certified by the Professional Truck Driver’s Institute. Visit the Truck Driver Training page for more information. Call for start dates. Students in this major receive the training necessary to become a professional truck driver. They learn how to properly operate and drive an eighteen-wheeler. Course topics include: speed and space management, night operation, driving in extreme conditions, emergency maneuvers, and hazard awareness. Students learn how to do preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and vehicle inspection, along with cargo handling and documentation, trip planning, driver health and safety, and accident procedures. Students have an opportunity to perform driving skills on training grounds and in live traffic. After the completion of this major, students will be eligible to take their CDL exam to receive their license.

Truck Driver Training

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> Course and Cost
> Average Salary: $29.10/hr
> Students: Adult and High School
> Campus: Drumright
> Times: Morning, Afternoon, Full Day
> License and Certifications: Commercial Driver’s License – Oklahoma Department of Public Safety