Bus Driver or Inspector Certification

Summer School Bus Driver Certification

To drive a school bus for an accredited school in the state of Oklahoma, a school bus driver must possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) of the appropriate class for the vehicle driven with a school bus (S) and a passenger (P) endorsement.


Enroll online below with Central Tech for the School Bus Driver Training Course. Upon receiving the application Central Tech will reach out to cover requirements for steps 2 and 3.


Students must purchase and complete the Bumper-to-Bumper computer-based theory training prior to the course start date. The Bumper-to-Bumper computer-based theory training costs $76.45 and will require a PO or payment to receive the online curriculum. Upon Central Tech receiving the PO or payment, Central Tech will supply the curriculum to the student. The online curriculum will be available February 1, 2022 and is a self-paced course. The online course must be complete before attending training.


Students must obtain their Class B permit with the proper P and S endorsements prior to the course start date. Students must hold their permit 15 days prior to their first test date.

The written test for the permit must be taken at DPS. You must provide DPS with an original or a certified copy of a state issued birth certificate or passport, and proof or Oklahoma residency. 

You must take and pass the following test to obtain your class B permit with the P and S endorsements:

  • General Knowledge (Chapters 1,2, & 3 of the CDL manual)
  • Passengers (Chapter 4 of the CDL manual)
  • Air Brakes (Chapter 5 of the CDL manual) * If your school has buses with Air Brakes 
  • School Bus (Chapter 10 of the CDL manual)
    • All classes include two (2) weeks of behind-the-wheel on campus driver training.
    • The CDL test day will be the Monday following the two weeks of BTW.
    • 10 person minimum per class.
    • Two (2) instructors minimum per class.
  • COST:
    • Schools within the Central Tech district = $76.45 ($76.45 for online curriculum + free for behind-the-wheel training).
    • Schools outside the Central Tech district = $526.45 ($76.45 for online curriculum + $450.00 for behind-the-wheel training).
    • Central Tech will provide all materials and buses with Air Brakes (School district must provide hydraulic bus if no air brakes are required).
    • Central Tech will be responsible for scheduling tests and retests.
  • Questions? Call 918-352-7316 for information. 

Students Must Have:

Students MUST have a Class B learner’s permit with the proper P and S endorsements prior to the course start date and a copy faxed to 918.352.4522 or emailed to tdtadmissions@centraltech.edu. Students must hold their permit 15 days prior to their first test date. Students will not be allowed to start class without permit.

2022 Bus Driver Class Dates:

Permit & Online
Curriculum Due By
Class DatesDaysTimesTest Date

School Bus Inspector Certification

As of July 1, 2021, all current and prospective school bus inspectors will be required to have an Oklahoma School Bus Inspector certificate.

Central Tech offers the one day inspector class, 8:00a-4:00p, as we have enrollment to fill a class.

To enroll:

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