MAINTAIN. REPAIR. INSTALL. Rev up your potential and accelerate towards a promising future as an automotive technician. In this class, you’ll acquire essential skills to diagnose and repair electrical systems, brakes, steering, suspension, ignition and emissions systems, as well as HVAC, paving the way for an exciting and rewarding career in the automotive industry.


Our curriculum was created to teach toward a career in the automotive industry and run like a car dealership. When you successfully complete the class, you are ready for the workforce. 

In class, you will learn to service and repair a wide range of vehicles. Our shop currently consists of 2000-2016 models and includes a Challenger, Turbo-charged Buick Encore, Toyota Camry, Ford F150 and more. You will study domestics and imports from the inside out. 

You will learn to diagnose and repair performance and electrical issues related to operation and drivability of the vehicle.

You will be taught the basics in electrical and engine performance. In brakes, you will replace disk brakes, hydraulic systems, and receive an introduction into the antilock braking system. You will leave being able to mount and balance wheels and service and repair steering suspension. 

Field trips allow you to see manufacturing facilities and continuing education opportunities first-hand. Most recently we have visited OSU-IT, the Tulsa Bus Plant, Kicker, the Small Engine & Steam Show, the OKC Auto Show, and toured dealerships. 

Curriculum for the program is aligned with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) standards.

Industry credentials include OSHA 10, ASE Entry Level, and MACS 609. Once you’ve successfully completed the course you may choose to work for a body shop, part store, service station, or dealership. Some dealerships provide additional training for specific manufacturer certification. 

*The existing shortage of auto technicians makes it a great time to join the automotive industry. Tech is the Key, and we are prepared. This industry is constantly changing – as you see even more hybrid and electrical vehicles enter the road. Come explore the opportunities.



  • Automotive Foundations & Safety
  • Brakes Introduction
  • Brakes Fundamentals
  • Servicing Wheels
  • Servicing the Steering System
  • Servicing the Suspension System
  • Engine Introduction
  • Engine Fundamentals
  • Transmission Drivetrains & Axles
  • Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems Introduction
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems Foundations
  • Engine Performance Introduction
  • Engine Performance Fundamentals
  • Workforce Staging


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“Auto provides great preparation for graduates entering the workforce.”
Bobbi Shoemake, Bumper To Bumper Auto Parts
“Having instructors that care make the biggest difference!”
Sebastian Harwood, Alumni


Automotive students were pinpointing an air conditioner leak by using a UV light and UV oil dye. 🤯⁠

So cool!⁠


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How fast can you change a tire? 8th graders loved the Automotive Technology booth last week at Career Connections.
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