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Applications for Fall 2023 are open for high school students.


Practical Experience and Technical Skills

We attract students who desire real-world opportunities. If you thrive on hands-on learning and relevant curriculum you can use immediately, Central Tech is the school for you. Upon entering a classroom, you will feel the school pride as you visit with students and instructors. Healthy competition keeps students at the top of their game in class and in the application process. We have a student waiting list each year. With limited classroom size, it is best to enroll early.

Business Training

A Healthy Workforce Boosts The Economy

Education doesn’t end at graduation. Through partnerships with the corporate world, we provide workforce training and consulting services to companies. Let us help you remain competitive. At Central Tech, our Business & Industry Services team has a passion to serve your business needs through customized training solutions

“Central Tech pushed me to reach my potential and my goals. My favorite part was hands-on activities and how involved the instructors were. The projects were a blast!”

Stacie Reed
Medical Assisting Student

Car: * check engine *
Tony: "Yeah, it's still there."

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I've never met a problem baked goods couldn't fix! 🥧 Enroll today and better understand the dos and don'ts of Homemade Food Sales. #centraltechAG ...

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Together we can do GREAT things! 🏆 Central Tech placed #5 beneath the mid-size company category of 125-349 employees. See it for yourself ➡️ @_theoklahoman #centraltechedu ...

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"I can't fix it," said no facilities maintenance professional ever! Apply Here. ➡️ #centraltechFacilitiesMaintenance ...

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It's hammer time! 🔨 Automated Robotic student hit the nail on the head, literally. 🤯 He was able to program the Universal Robot to choose and place hammer and nail positions with precision movements. #centraltechRobotics ...

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Earn your leadership everyday. ⭐️ Central Tech students from the Drumright & Sapulpa campus had the awesome opportunity to attend the NTHS State Leadership Conference at @moorenormantech! #centraltechedu ...

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Somebody's life will be in your hands one day. Medical Assisting shares the opportunity to be hands-on in real time! 💉 Apply Today: #centraltechMA ...

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Yes, you read that right! Classes in Bristow and Cleveland. Enroll Today! 📖 #centraltechedu

What to look forward to ..

◾️AC Electrify & Electronics (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️Business Basics (Bristow)
◾️Certified Medication Aide (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️Computer Basics for Seniors (Bristow)
◾️Customized Welding (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️DC Electricity & Electronics (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️Emergency Medical Responder (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️Introduction to Drone Pilot (Bristow)
◾️Photography - The Basics (Cleveland)

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Where would the culinary world be today without The Pioneer Woman?🍴 Born and raised Okie, Ree Drummond, stumbled upon the success story of a lifetime, and you can, too! Enroll now. #centraltechBIS ...

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Skilled plumbers aren't cheap. Cheap plumbers aren't skilled. Get Skilled. Get Paid. 💲 Apply Today! -> #centraltechPLUMB ...

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HOT OFF THE PRESS! 🔥 Be on the lookout for a copy in your mailbox. 👀 #centraltechedu ...

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"You won't regret going to this amazing school!" Wise words from Cosmetology alumni Honesty Baker. 👏 Apply today: #centraltechCOSMO ...

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Family and friends, enjoy your Thanksgiving break! 🧡 #centraltechedu ...

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Are you interested in the ability to design the world? If that's a no-brainer, Computer Aided Drafting has you covered. 🚫🧠 Get started here and apply now! #centraltechCAD ...

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picture of a girl with purple hair learning graphic design at Central Tech in Drumright OK

Why Central Tech

Central Tech Students

Practical Experience and Technical Skills

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We attract students who desire real-world opportunities. They thrive on our hands-on learning style. They enjoy relevant curriculum they put to use at once.

Healthy competition keeps them at the top of their game. Upon entering a classroom, you feel the school pride and accomplishment. It’s evident in student hands-on projects, attitudes, and high-level skill sets.

Competition isn’t just in the classroom, it’s in the application process. We have a student waiting list each year. With limited classroom size, it is best to enroll early.

Central Tech Staff

Nothing Teaches Like Experience

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Quality leaders emphasize goals, direction, results, and ongoing evaluation. This encourages instructors to lead by example as they begin each day with high expectations and push students to do their best.

Respect is the alliance that bonds students and faculty. Our instructors, having worked in their industry, demonstrate a passion for their trade. It’s reflected in the students as they take pride in their work and become a part of something greater than themselves. This culture doesn’t happen by accident.

We pride ourselves on a student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1. 

Central Tech Experience

Central Tech Making A Difference

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As part of the Oklahoma CareerTech system, our 25 communities, including 18 high schools, gain strength as we prepare secondary and post-secondary students for the workforce, armed with industry-recognized credentials.

With a focus on quality instruction, enrollment, and placement, we incorporate collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking into the curriculum.

Lifelong learning is no longer an option in this technological world. As technology advances and occupations evolve, people must adhere to the demands of stronger and more continuous learning to stay marketable.

The Business Community

A Healthy Workforce Boosts The Economy

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Education doesn’t end upon graduation. Through close relationships with the corporate world, we provide workforce training and development. This includes, but not limited to, safety, oil/gas and pipeline, industrial maintenance, rigger/crane, and consulting solutions to more than 400 companies. Workforce training can develop stronger businesses and contribute to economic growth.

We train your workforce. We are the engine for economic growth. Together we will create a brighter tomorrow for Oklahoma.

Central Tech… it’s where you belong. We invite you to become a part of our story! The Business Community – a healthy workforce boosts the economy

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photo of man taking oil measurements at Central Tech

“Central Tech has helped me come out of my shell and my comfort zone giving me the opportunity to attend SkillsUSA.”

Morgan Higgins
Digital Media Student