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What you don’t know about the trucking industry may surprise you!

Many trucking companies are trying to create a work-life balance that hasn’t been present in the trucking industry. With truck drivers hauling 70% of the nation’s freight, the industry has to do a lot of work to attract the next generation of truckers who don’t want to spend 240 nights away from home per year. 

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Training Options:

  • Drive the traditional over-the-road (OTR) or home every night 
  • Learn with a manual or automatic transmission

Whether you want to drive locally, regionally, or across the country, Central Tech Truck Driver Training can help you get on the road to a better life.

Students have access to quality classroom instruction, Virage simulator, range and road driving, as well as, practical application of skills used in highway driving. 

As a nonprofit school, you will be surprised by our low tuition cost, which includes housing during your CDL training


Ready to get your CDL? Apply online or call Nikole at 918-352-7316 with questions. APPLY HERE >
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Truck Driver Training students enjoyed the beautiful weather today as they practiced their skills. Good luck on your CDL test tomorrow!
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We love hearing from past students like Amber Edmundson, Truck Driver Training alumni!
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