Building A Business Plan

Starting a business can be easy, but the path to a viable and successful venture is rarely as easy. Together with determination and hard work, good planning is essential to the success of a new or expanding business. A thorough plan is an important tool to help guide your decisions.

Think of it as a roadmap to success…providing greater clarity in all aspects of your business, from marketing and finance to operations and products.

While it is tempting to jump directly from a great idea into startup mode or to expand a business without a plan, intentional planning is crucial in assessing the viability of a business. Planning out your steps creates the necessary focus to stay on track with measurable goals and timelines.

So, if you have a great idea or are wanting to expand on a good thing, building a business plan can be a “make it or break it” asset to your business.

This class is held one evening a week for three weeks. It allows you to work in an interactive “hands-on” setting with our consultants and other participants.

You leave with a basic plan that can be enhanced and expanded to fit your business and individual needs.

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Business Basics

Calling all entrepreneurs! If you have a great idea and want to take it to the next level, are ready to start your business, or need a boost to get your existing business off the ground, start here.

This short workshop will cover:

  • Legal structure options
  • Finances & taxes
  • Touch on sales and marketing
  • Location options: online, brick and mortar, and incubator opportunities
  • The value of building a business plan

We don’t stop there. This is just the beginning. After the workshop, we partner and collaborate with you to navigate the basic business topic and avoid surprises. We will provide more in-depth, focused classes based on the topics you need to sharpen your knowledge. Plus, we provide one-on-one consulting going forward.

Walk away knowing:

  • How to conduct your SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
  • How to plan your next steps
  • How to prepare and face changes within your business and it develops and grows

Make the most of your hard work. Starting NOW!

This class is offered FREE OF CHARGE so you can focus on your business needs.

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Thank you for creating the Business Basics course. It’s definitely something all entrepreneurs should hear.
-Marilyn Duff, DCRA

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