Our consultants are here to provide you with needed information and resources to improve and grow your organization’s performance through efficient means.

Let us join your team!

We will sit down with you during our discovery phase and analyze your business needs. Through this process, we will develop an understanding of the company while uncovering strengths and weaknesses. Once opportunities are established and prioritized, we begin developing plans for improvement. 

Whether we establish that your company would benefit from grants, tax incentives, management systems, or business processes, we will be there to assist you all the way. 


Manufacturers Sales Tax Exemption

Let us help you apply for the permit which eliminates sales tax requirements on anything used or consumed in the manufacturing process and take advantage of other Oklahoma state tax incentives.

Oklahoma State Tax Incentives

Tax incentives are available to your company as a result of growth through jobs or capital investment. This is offered in coordination with the OK Dept of Commerce. 

General Business, Manufacturing, & Engineering

Quality Management Systems

Our consultants assist companies in developing Quality Management Systems (QMS) such as ISO 9001:2015 to create efficiencies through streamlining processes and creating new opportunities. 

Need an aerospace QMS? We assist organizations in quality management AS9100D certification. Let us help with your gap analysis, project planning, company training, document and implementation, audit, and registration. 

We can assist you with obtaining needed certifications through:

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • American Petroleum Institute (API)

General and Manufacturing

We aid businesses in realizing their full potential. Let us assist you with the following programs to achieve effective and efficient business practices: 

ENGINEERING: Let us help your company tap into engineering resources for new product development, process and workflow improvements, and overall supply chain improvements.

LEAN: Let us assist you in assessing your current processes and determine the impacts of adapting Lean methodology to reduce waste in a manufacturing system without sacrificing productivity.

MANUFACTURING PROCESSES: We can assist you in determining the best, most cost-effective manufacturing process to produce a part or product.

SUPPLY CHAIN: We can customize solutions that drive measurable results and optimize your digital transformation including predictive business and/or smart automation.

Engineering Support Services

Through company assessment we determine the best available engineering support services including recommendations for:

  • OSU Applications engineers
  • OSU New Product Development Center (NPDC) engineers and interns
  • Professional engineers

Sourcing Assistance

Need assistance finding a supplier? Let us help you find companies throughout the state that meet your requirements.

Sales, Capital, & Growth

consulting with a business woman

Growing leaders

Growing pains can cause you to lose sight of your vision, change direction, or even give up.

Instead, let’s ask, “How can I embrace my growing pains to ensure success instead of demise?”

  • How do I make sure I hire the right people?
  • How do I preserve the culture and core values of my business as we grow?
  • How do I stay motivated? Manage my time? Prioritize?
  • What risks am I willing to take?
  • Who can I talk to?

We can help you work through these questions and build solid, strategic action plans for desirable outcomes.

Great leaders strive for continuous personal development and opportunities to grow others.

If you want to connect with other like-minded businesspeople, increase your leadership, and build your business, contact us.

Our team customizes services to meet your needs. We want to be a holistic partner for all aspects of your business.

  • Employee Development
  • Financial Assistance
  • Marketing
  • Safety Training
  • Supervisor Training


We assist companies with international sales growth through our association with: 

  • OK Dept of Commerce Trade and Export Services
  • U.S. Dept of Commerce, Commercial Services


We assist companies with the tools they need to apply for grant opportunities such as:

  • Economic Development Administration grants
  • OCAST – OK Applied Research
  • OK Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology Intern grants
  • SBIR grants with the assistance of OK Catalysts
  • Small Business Administration Step Grant for International sales growth with the OK Dept of Commerce
  • State and local grants
  • USDA grants

Access to Capital

We assist businesses with obtaining capital through a wide range of funding sources including introductions to:

  • Cowboy Technologies
  • I2E
  • OK Development Finance Authority
  • Other financial institutions

Business Startup

Entrepreneurial Assistance

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and dream of starting your own business? What’s holding you back?

If you possess the desire and determination to start a business but haven’t, then let us help you dispel the fear and move toward goal achievement.

Our dedicated small business services will support you during your journey. We will walk you through difficult questions vital to business start-up success. Such as:

  • Do I have a good business idea?
    • Is someone actually going to pay for this product or service?
    • Is this a unique idea?
  • Who is my ideal customer?
    • How do I find them?
    • What strategies do I use to reach them?
  • What type of business entity should I start?
    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Partnership
    • LLC
    • Corporation
  • How do I scale my business from selling locally, to statewide, regionally, nationally and beyond?
  • How do I find a manufacturer or copacker? (The question you ask when you realize you can’t make all the widgets yourself in your basement or garage.)
  • How do I secure a loan?
    • Do I need one?
    • What are my options?
    • What documents do I need to take to the bank?
  • Should I diversify my revenue streams?
    • Multiple products within my same business?
    • Complimentary but unrelated revenue stream?
  • What is the next step?

Maybe you find yourself asking, “Revenue? Scale? Branding? Customer persona? Copacker? What does all this business jargon mean?!”

Let us simplify corporate lingo, so you can move forward.

As you grow and expand, we can help you with new decisions.

  • Do I need a larger space?
  • What type of space is needed?
  • Am I a candidate for the incubator program?

Incubator Services

If hearing the word “incubator” makes you immediately picture a way to hatch eggs with the appropriate temperature and humidity, then a business incubator could be pictured as an organization dedicated to helping new businesses succeed.

Incubator organizations offer startup and growing companies benefits including:

  • Graduated rental workspaces, typically three to five years
  • Mentorship and education
  • State income tax exemption for incubator tenants and graduates for up to 10 years.

Companies interested in becoming incubator tenants must submit a completed application, business plan, and financial projections.