Pathway to CDA classes prepare students to work in child-care facilities

Central Tech’s Adult Education classes help individuals enhance skills to advance in their career, learn new skills to pursue a new career or for personal enrichment.


Certain classes, such as the Child Development Associate classes, taken together as a career track, can lead to certification.


The Early Education Pathway to CDA career track program prepares students to work in child-care facilities.


Sapulpa ACD coordinator, Mike Baugus, said students who complete the program can earn college credit toward an Early Childhood Education degree at several colleges in Oklahoma, once appropriate paperwork has been completed.


After completing coursework, students earn a competency certificate. From there, students are eligible to schedule formal observations and complete the National CDA test. Successfully passing the test earns the individual a CDA credential. This national CDA credential qualifies individuals to work anywhere in the US.


The CDA instructor, Ava Armstead-Cozart, owns and operates her own daycare, bringing a wealth of knowledge and credibility to the classroom. She has 16 years of early childhood experience and has been a CDA instructor for 11 years. She is a lead teacher, master teacher and program director with 12 years of experience in field observations, assessments, literacy programs, and more.


Additionally, the CDA classes offer flexibility as the class meets once per week and the remaining coursework can be completed online and emailed to the instructor. Classes can be taken in any order.


Those who wish to start classes can begin right away. Call the Sapulpa Adult Education office at 918.227.0331 to get started.