Central Tech Open House 2023

February is Career and Technical Education Month, or CTE Month.

Open to the public, Central Tech’s Open House is an annual event occurring the Sunday before President’s Day. This event gives the community an opportunity to see first-hand how Central Tech prepares students for the workforce utilizing the latest in technology.

Visitors participate in nearly 70 hands-on activities and/or demonstrations. Visit with instructors and students. 

Visit us for Open House at either of our locations:

3 CT Circle
Drumright, OK

1720 S Main St
Sapulpa, OK

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See Open House photos from previous years.

“My wife attended Central Tech for Medical Assisting, and I visited during an open house. Not expecting much, I found interest in NSA. I enrolled the following year, and thanks to Central Tech, exactly one day after my graduation I interviewed with the company where I still work today.”

Nate Foote, Network Technician

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Tony: "Yeah, it's still there."

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Together we can do GREAT things! 🏆 Central Tech placed #5 beneath the mid-size company category of 125-349 employees. See it for yourself ➡️ @_theoklahoman #centraltechedu ...

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It's hammer time! 🔨 Automated Robotic student hit the nail on the head, literally. 🤯 He was able to program the Universal Robot to choose and place hammer and nail positions with precision movements. #centraltechRobotics ...

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Earn your leadership everyday. ⭐️ Central Tech students from the Drumright & Sapulpa campus had the awesome opportunity to attend the NTHS State Leadership Conference at @moorenormantech! #centraltechedu ...

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Somebody's life will be in your hands one day. Medical Assisting shares the opportunity to be hands-on in real time! 💉 Apply Today: #centraltechMA ...

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Yes, you read that right! Classes in Bristow and Cleveland. Enroll Today! 📖 #centraltechedu

What to look forward to ..

◾️AC Electrify & Electronics (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️Business Basics (Bristow)
◾️Certified Medication Aide (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️Computer Basics for Seniors (Bristow)
◾️Customized Welding (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️DC Electricity & Electronics (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️Emergency Medical Responder (Bristow & Cleveland)
◾️Introduction to Drone Pilot (Bristow)
◾️Photography - The Basics (Cleveland)

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Where would the culinary world be today without The Pioneer Woman?🍴 Born and raised Okie, Ree Drummond, stumbled upon the success story of a lifetime, and you can, too! Enroll now. #centraltechBIS ...

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"You won't regret going to this amazing school!" Wise words from Cosmetology alumni Honesty Baker. 👏 Apply today: #centraltechCOSMO ...

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Family and friends, enjoy your Thanksgiving break! 🧡 #centraltechedu ...

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Are you interested in the ability to design the world? If that's a no-brainer, Computer Aided Drafting has you covered. 🚫🧠 Get started here and apply now! #centraltechCAD ...

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