Artificial Insemination

This two-day class is a comprehensive and hands-on instruction in bovine artificial insemination (AI). The class is designed to help you increase your operation’s profitability and efficiency by teaching the skills and techniques of AI.

There are many benefits to introducing artificial insemination into your program. You can improve the genetic quality of your herd while eliminating the need to purchase, house, and feed bulls. AI also gives you access to superior and proven herd sires at an affordable price.

You will learn:

  • Cattle Artificial Insemination Procedure
  • Frozen Semen Handling and Thawing
  • Basic Anatomy of Female Reproductive Tract in Cattle
  • Heat Detection Systems
  • Synchronization Systems for Heifers and Cows

Class enrollment is limited to keep the classes small, allowing more hands-on time with the cattle.

Dates: TBD

Pond Management

If you live in the country, you more than likely have at least one pond on your property. They are a common part of the Oklahoma landscape, and are highly valued by landowners and home owners alike.

Whether the pond is used for recreation, livestock water, habitat for fish and wildlife, they enhance quality of life, and value of the property on which they are located.

However, did you know your pond should be inspected, and receive regular maintenance, as well? The three major parts of a pond – the dam, the watershed, and the basin – should be regularly inspected for irregularities, wayward vegetation, gopher holes, etc. Identifying and remedying issues early can prevent extensive costly repairs later.

You will walk away from this workshop with a working knowledge and checklist to be able to intelligently inspect your pond, ensuring its overall longevity.

In addition to having a healthy structure, a pond must also have a healthy number of aquatic plants. A healthy pond has a moderate amount of aquatic plants that do not interfere with the use and enjoyment of the pond.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn proper pond maintenance and balance. You will also receive instruction on available funding opportunities.  

Participants will begin at Central Tech’s Business Center and will then tour different locations around the area to see pond improvement and construction.  

Location Dates Hours Days Times
Campus: Business Development Dates: 7/29 Hours: 2 Days: Th Times: 6:30p-8:30p