Looking to make a real difference in your community and begin a career in law enforcement?

Central Tech’s Basic Peace Officer Certification Academy (BPOC) offers 94 more certification hours than the required 600-hour CLEET training. This gives you a unique advantage and is your first step towards wearing that badge with pride.


Accreditation: We’re a CLEET-accredited technology center. This means you’re getting top-tier training that meets all state requirements.

Curriculum: Dive into topics like ethics, legal matters, community relations, and lots more. We cover everything from traffic laws and sobriety tests to defensive tactics and firearm training.

Real-World Prep: Our training isn’t just about textbooks. Expect hands-on sessions that prepare you for real-life policing. You’ll learn through practical exercises and rigorous physical training.

Evaluation: We make sure you’re ready. This means practical exams, written tests (you’ll need at least a 75% score in most areas, and 80% in a few key ones), and physical fitness assessments.


Expert Instructors: Get ready to jump into action with scenarios that mirror what you’ll face on the job.

Learn from experienced officers employed by local police departments.

Expanded Specialized Certifications for Cadets: In addition to meeting all 600 CLEET-required training hours, we go the extra mile with an additional 96 hours. Our cadets have the unique opportunity to gain specialized certifications in cutting-edge areas of law enforcement. These certifications not only broaden your skill set but significantly boost your readiness and confidence on the job.

Stop Sticks
Pepper ball
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Taser X26P or Taser7
Shotgun and patrol rifle handling
Additional training in defensive tactics, firearms, and law enforcement driving.

Community Impact: Start a career that lets you protect and serve, making a real difference where it matters. If you’re up for the challenge and ready to serve your community, then let’s make a difference together.

Your future in law enforcement starts here.


Must be 21 years old prior to the first day of class. Contact us for additional requirements including but not limited to proof of United States citizenship, physical assessment, POSSE and Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) exam, and successful completion of OSBI and FBI background checks.

Interested students may schedule their POSSE and MMPI test with Central Tech.
To schedule, contact Sherri Nicholson at 918.227.0331.

Location Dates Hours Days Times Total Cost Sign Up
Campus: Sapulpa Campus Dates: 1/27/25-5/21/25 Hours: 696 Days: M-Th Times: 6:00a-5:00p Total Cost: $3,500
Campus: Sapulpa Campus Dates: 7/28/25-11/18/25 Hours: 696 Days: M-Th Times: 6:00a-5:00p Total Cost: $3,500