The mission and vision of a company are sometimes lost in the day-to-day busyness, but for one department at Central Tech, the mission, “change lives with technical education and services,” and the vision, “everyone achieves success,” are demonstrated, every day.

Braden Warner, a client from Sapulpa, Okla., is a prime example of Central Tech’s Mission and Vision, and the Employment Services department helped him.

“I needed a job after high school,” Warner said. “The people at Central Tech worked with me to find a job and stayed with me until I was trained in that job. They still check on me and support me when I need them. I have been at my job for one year thanks to Tech and my job coaches.”

With the services provided by Central Tech, Warner has worked at Inverness Village in Tulsa since November 2016. At first, he worked three days per week, and has since increased to four days per week.

“Braden’s exceptional work ethic and excellent attitude makes him a great addition to our team,” said Paul Herder, director of dining room services at Inverness Village.

Kris Pruitt, Central Tech Employment Services Consultant, who works with Warner said he accomplishes his tasks in record time, and continues to do an amazing job.

Since he began working at Inverness Village, Warner has gained confidence, and his income allows him independence and the ability to go to sporting events with friends.

In addition to being a dedicated employee, Warner also volunteers at the food bank, plays golf and attends a local church.

Warner’s life has certainly been changed, and success achieved, with the help of Central Tech’s Employment Services.

Central Tech Employment Services is a unique employment service that provides on-going support services in the competitive workforce to individuals with a mental, physical, medical or cognitive disability. An employment consultant performs specialized assessments to determine an appropriate job match. Once employment has been located, on-the-job training and follow-up services are provided by the training specialist on an as-needed basis. Employment Services provides excellence in assessment, job development, training and employment support.

For more information about Central Tech Employment Services, please call 918.227.9262.