Computer Basics

Computer Basics for Seniors is structured for seniors who are interested in building a better understanding of how to utilize a computer. Students will learn to use a mouse, keyboard, and PC. The class can be tailored to specific student interests such as browsing the internet and sending emails.

Drumright: 918.352.7622
Sapulpa: 918.227.0331

Location Dates Hours Days Times Tuition Fees & Supplies Total Cost
Campus: Sapulpa Campus Dates: 1/31-2/2 Hours: 4 Days: T/Th Times: 8:30a-10:30a Tuition: $25 Fees & Supplies: $0 Total Cost: $25
Campus: 808 N Ash St, Bristow Dates: 2/6-2/8 Hours: 4 Days: M/W Times: 6:00p-8:00p Tuition: $25 Fees & Supplies: $0 Total Cost: $25