Students must undergo a pre-clinical drug screening. A positive test or refusal will result in immediate termination from the program. Per federal regulations, medical marijuana remains a drug listed in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. It remains unacceptable for any safety‐sensitive employee subject to drug testing to hold a marijuana license.

Under the policies of National Accreditation, a criminal background check on each student is performed. If you have felonies you may not be eligible for this program. 

Advanced EMT

This program prepares EMTs to use advanced life support skills such as patient intubation and IVs used in the pre-hospital emergency care setting.

Must have current NREMT-EMT license and CPR-BLS.

Class Schedule: Monday and Wednesday classes are on campus. Friday classes are virtual.

Dates Hours Days Times Tuition Fees & Supplies Total Cost
Dates: TBD Hours: 330 Days: M/W/F Times: 5:30p-9:30p Tuition: $800 Fees & Supplies: $662 Total Cost: $1,462


Learn basic emergency medical care and transportation through classroom and clinical experience.

EMTs are trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries, and accident scenes. EMTs are most commonly found working for ambulance services, emergency rooms, or fire departments.

Central Tech provides students with the training and education necessary to successfully pass the National Registry Exam and obtain National and State licensure

Class consists of 212 lecture/lab hours and 40 hours of clinical rotations. Clinical rotations will be set up by Central Tech. Training includes clinical hours completed in emergency rooms, local fire departments, and ambulance services. Clinical hours are mandatory and regulated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH).

Students should have at least a 10th grade reading level.

EMTs provide first-line medical or emergency care for sick and injured people at the scene or while being transported to the hospital for care.

Course topics include:

  • The well-being of the EMT
  • Lifting and moving patients
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Airway management, respiration, and artificial ventilation
  • Patient assessment
  • Vital signs
  • Communication and documentation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Trauma emergencies
  • Obstetric emergencies
  • Pediatric emergencies
  • EMS operations
  • TIMS


  • High school diploma or GED
  • No felony convictions
  • Immunization records including:
    • 2 MMR
    • 3 HEP-B
    • 2 Varicella or proof of chicken pox
    • Tdap or Titers
    • TB test with negative results, some clinical sites require two
    • Current flu shot

CPR though the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider/Basic Life Support is included in this class. If you posses a current CPR card, it must be AHA CPR/BLS to be accepted in this class.

Dates Hours Days Times Tuition Fees & Supplies Total Cost
Dates: TBD Hours: 252 Days: M/T/Th Times: 5:30p-9:30p Tuition: $775 Fees & Supplies: $600 Total Cost: $1,375


Build on your EMT license to become a paramedic. This course is offered via distance learning, skills labs with an instructor, and clinical rotations.

This program consists of 1,200 hours. Classroom hours are done via distance learning (Interactive TV) in cooperation with Kiamichi Technology Center. Students and instructors can see and talk to each other. Skills labs are done on campus with an instructor.

There will be a minimum of 12 hours spent in class each week. Clinical rotations will be done outside of class will be additional hours. Training includes clinical hours completed in emergency rooms, critical care units, operating rooms, pediatrics, mental health wards, and dialysis units. These may be located in hospitals or clinics. Clinical hours are mandatory and regulated by the OSDH. Students may not do clinical rotations where they are employed.

Clinical hours will be done at sites with which Kiamichi or Central Tech has contracts only.

Students will be required to travel to Kiamichi Tech’s Poteau campus at times during the course to receive specified training. Final exams will be done on the Poteau campus.

Students will be required to take the TABE test or equivalent prior to class in order to evaluate reading and math levels.

State and federal rules and regulations require that students attend 80% of class hours and maintain a GPA of 80% on homework, quizzes, and exams.


    • High school diploma or GED
    • Current NREMT (Basic)
    • Six (6) months working experience
    • Physical examination
    • Vaccination records:
      • Proof of chicken pox vaccine or having had the disease
      • Current TB test (negative results) or chest x-ray
      • Proof of Hep B vaccination

Prerequisite: NREMT license and six months working experience required.

Student benefits:

    • OSU/OKC will offer up to 45 hours towards an Associate’s of Applied Science Degree in Emergency Medicine to student completing this program.
    • If a student fails to complete the entire program, but does complete certain core courses and requirements, it may be enough to qualify the student to test at the EMT Advanced level.
    • Course normally meets only two days weekly giving the student ample time to work and study.
Dates Hours Days Times Tuition Fees & Supplies Total Cost
Dates: TBD Hours: 1198 Days: M/W Times: 9:00a-4:20p Tuition: $2,600 Fees & Supplies: $1,600 Total Cost: $4,200