This Tuesday night class focuses on the non-traditional student by highlighting women in the welding field. It encourages women to expand their skills by incorporating different types of welds and learning the CNC process.

BUILDING BLOCKS. This custom course builds on itself as you choose to add as many 5-week segments as you want to gain the skills you need. If it works best in your schedule to take three 5-week segments in the fall, take a break during the holidays, come back in the spring, and take a break over summer…that’s up to you.

If you need assistance passing a weld test for employment or just want to work on your own tractor or barn door, this is the class for you. It’s your life, so it’s your schedule.

We begin by mastering the basics of structural welding on plate, you will learn to properly execute fillet, lap, and groove welds. After the basics of plate welding are completed, there is potential to move on to pipe welding, if applicable to your welding goals. We will utilize TIG and/or combo processes when learning to weld pipe, keeping in congruence with industry standard. Please keep in mind that pipe welding is a highly sought-after skill, with excellent pay, but it will take more than one 5-week course to become adept enough to pass your tests.   Standard plate tests as relevant to manufacturing include 2G, 3G, and 4G positions; Pipe tests will cover 2G, 5G, and 6G positions.

We cover the gamut from semi-auto GMAW (Mig) and FCAW(Flux), to GTAW (Tig) and SMAW (Stick). You will learn these processes on carbon steel, there is the possibility of learning to weld exotic alloys, if you have shown enough skill to proceed to that level OR have experience welding in industry and are looking to develop existing skills. Exotic alloys will not be offered at the beginner’s level, as a foundation of knowledge and welding ability is necessary here.


You will learn to create and import files to cut on the plasma machine using ProNest, Auto-Cad, and/or Inkscape software. ProNest is Hypertherms very own industry leading software that is widely used in manufacturing applications. Whether you want to make decorative signs and art projects or become a CNC operator in industry we can teach you the programming skills you need! Since the plasma cutting process is in high demand and requires operator skill and training, this is a great niche to master. Once you learn how to operate a CNC Plasma Machine and control, you will have a better feel on figuring out other models.

TRAINING WITH NO ANNUAL FEE. Through our partnership with CERT Machines, additional seminars, and continuing education (CEU) extended training are available to you. Men are welcome to enroll. 

Women in Welding instructor Sarah Adcock

About the Instructor 

Sarah Adcock, Instructor & Professional Welder 
Certifications in TIG, GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and SAW processes.