Interactive Multimedia

3D Animator

This major prepares students to utilize animation skills to develop products for the Web, mobile devices, computer games, entertainment training simulations, and live video.

They learn to create an animated sequence that conveys a story through the application of traditional film making principles in a 3D computer graphics environment. Students gain skills required for Adobe Certified Associate certification.

Video Technician

This major prepares students for careers in planning and coordinating various aspects of video production. Students learn fundamental skills in image creation for video, print and web publishing, including digital photography and animation.

They become familiar with professional audio editing software used to edit, mix and produce quality sound effects and acquire advanced skills in video editing and production. Students gain skills required for Adobe, and Apple industry certifications.

Digital Photographer

Students will gain advanced digital photography skills in this Program. Students will create digital images, promotional projects and learn photojournalism techniques.

Upon successful completion of this major, students will be eligible to sit for the state competency exam and work as a digital photographer.

Interactive Multimedia Specialist

This major prepares students to create and edit multimedia for video, print and web publishing. Students acquire fundamental web authoring skills and learn design strategies through the application of XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets.

In addition, they master non-linear computer editing techniques to create, revise, optimize and export graphics for a variety of media. Students gain skills required for Adobe, CIW, and/or WOW industry certifications.