Network Security & Administration

Cyber Security: Make an Impact on Individual, Corporate, and National Security

Americans love their technology, and the internet has transformed our lives. Most of them in good ways, however, it has also increased the number of security threats.

Americans spend nearly 5.5 hours a day on their phones with millennials spending 5.7 hours per day. That number jumps to nearly 7.5 hours a day for teens. Surprisingly, these numbers don’t reflect all screen time.

We are constantly on devices, whether it be desktop, laptop, or mobile. We are plugging in personal information, saving passwords, and trusting the system.

But who makes sure the system is trustworthy?

Who understands the virtual environment?

Your trusty neighborhood cyber security gurus!

Are you interested in becoming the first line of defense against unauthorized access to computers, the protector from hackers and malicious software?

It’s not just individuals at risk. Network security is crucial to business success. Network systems protect and safeguard information as they minimize client information theft, secure shared files, protect against viruses, comply with regulatory requirements, and increase network performance.

Our network security program begins with the basics of computers (internal components, software). Then we move on to computer repair and networking. Security measures are integrated into all aspects of the program.


This program prepares you to maintain and administer computer networks and related computing environments including:

  • Computer Hardware
  • Systems Software
  • Applications Software
  • All Configurations

You will learn to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware, software, or other network and system problems, and replace defective components when necessary. You will also learn how to safeguard computers, networks and servers from accidental or unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure.


  • Computer Repair
  • Networking
  • Network Security
  • Windows Administration
  • Windows Security
  • Linux Administration
  • Linux Security
  • Capstone/Internship


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I use everything I learned at Tech. It’s an exceptional program with amazing instructors. The coursework is exactly what you need for industry.

Jacob McDaniel, Lopez Foods


The network security class competes annually in the world’s largest cybersecurity competition. The network challenge involves finding and fixing security vulnerabilities in Windows and Linux operation systems. The Cisco challenge contains an online quiz and a virtual networking exercise based on specific training material. We have had teams place in the final competition!

Central Tech's Network Security and Administration photo for CyberPatriot nationals
2020 Cyber Patriot Team
2017 Cyber Patriot Team
2017 Cyber Patriot Team
2015 Cyber Patriot Team
2015 Cyber Patriot Team
2014 Cyber Patriot Team
2014 Cyber Patriot Team

Job Demand & Pay

Cybersecurity Technicians

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There is a global demand for cybersecurity talent. In fact, the job outlook is expected to grow by 31%. The average salary for “cybersecurity technician” ranges from $48,000 to $109,000 and continues to be a great field with high-paying jobs.

Our Graduates

Where do they find jobs?

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Our graduates find careers in a variety of industries with the top ones in health and energy. Some use their knowledge in the military while others work for large real estate companies.

Available Certifications/License

May require additional fees.

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  • Microsoft:
    • MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals
    • MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
    • MTA: Network Fundamentals
    • MTA: Security Fundamentals
  • CompTIA:
    • A+
    • Network+
    • Security+
  • Cisco: CCNA

Quick Facts

Students, Campus, Times

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  • Students: Adult & High School
  • Campus: Drumright, Sapulpa
  • Times: Morning, Afternoon, Full Day
cybersecurity group working

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