Central Tech opened Oklahoma’s first oil and gas, pipeline and storage training facility in 2011 to meet the training needs of the industry.

The oil and gas industry has a growing need of well-trained and highly skilled workers.

Our programs were developed to:

  • Provide employees with OQ credentials necessary to work in the oil and gas industry 
  • Provide students with a career pathway to benefit their future 
  • Aid companies in expanding their workforce 
  • Assist small companies in obtaining qualifications 
  • Provide security and safety training to maintain Oklahoma’s safe work environments 

Our training facilities include:

  • Fully-simulated oil and gas storage facility with control center monitoring
  • Pipeline maintenance equipment 
  • CAT backhoe and excavator simulators 
  • Computer systems 


Call: 918.352.4517
Email: training@centraltech.edu

Operator Qualifications (OQ) Training 

OQ training provides your employees with the skills necessary to complete each required operation, maintenance task, and the knowledge needed to react to emergencies or abnormal operating conditions that may arise.

Central Tech’s training follows OQ requirements of practiced actions and testing. Training covers new hires, refreshers, transfers, and promoted employees.


Central Tech’s Oil and Gas Program has been designated as both an official NCCER Assessment Site and a Training Unit. 

Central Tech’s training site offers quick turnaround times for oil and gas contractors and their employees who need OQ credentials for job sites.

Training consists of a review of covered tasks in NCCER modules using online examinations and one-on-one hands-on evaluations (performance profile).


Central Tech’s Oil and Gas Program provides Veriforce Evaluations to contractors and employees who need Veriforce. 

There are certain circumstances where training must be successfully completed by an individual before an evaluation may take place. In the Veriforce process, evaluators are responsible for determining whether such circumstances exist and, where so, that appropriate training requirements have been met prior to conducting the evaluation. 

Instructors certified by Veriforce evaluate your employees when Veriforce qualification is required for job site entry. We offer quick turnaround times with instructor-led classroom reviews, written tests, and one-on-one evaluations.

Central Tech uses the highly effective training resources developed by Veriforce to train many covered tasks. These training resources have been designed to support structured on-the-job training (OJT).

ITS (Industrial Training Services) 

Central Tech is an Approved Provider (AP) for ITS. We provide technical training and Operator Qualification (OQ) services to pipeline operators and contractors.

AP’s are experienced trainers and OQ providers who use ITS and technology to serve their clients. Only ITS Approved Providers may conduct ITS OQ evaluations.

Pipeline training center