Whether you:

  • Own or lease land for ranching, farming, and/or hunting,
  • Have a garden of any size,
  • Or are raising chickens in your backyard

We can help you further your success.

Our partnership with OSU Extension allows us to bring relevant, timely workshops right to you. Visit our calendar for class dates and times on a variety of topics such as:

beekeeper holds a honey cell with bees in his hands

Animal Care

Animal Care classes include: Backyard Farming, Basic Beekeeping, Rangeland Management for Livestock & Wildlife, Wildlife Food Plots, Winter Cattle Health Considerations
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beef cuts at a meat processing facility

Meat Processing & Purchasing

Meat Processing & Purchasing classes include: Retail Meats, AMSA Food Safety and Science Certification, AMSA Meat Evaluation Certification, AMSA Culinary Meat Selection and Cookery Certification
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We want to bring in the experts to address topics important to our district.