1. Create A Safety Culture

Uniting employers and employees in a common goal of ensuring safety in the workforce – creates success for all involved. 

As workers’ compensation increases, many companies suffer each year when accidents rob precious man hours and profits. The Safety Culture Program is a proven method for changing the mind-set of a business from the top executive down to the part-time employee.  

Employee safety is viewed as an ongoing process requiring commitment and integration of safety methods into the business procedures and processes. When safety is seen as a priority, you can minimize on-the-job injuries. 

Proper training goes beyond learning a new job. It helps employees  

  • Understand safety practice 
  • Understand the hazards of the job and safeguard against them 
  • Gain knowledge and skills to perform work safely
  • Learn how to adjust procedures when working conditions change 
  • Stay safe 

Our team can develop a safety plan, train your employees, and/or provide supervisory training.


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CPR training at Central Tech in Sapulpa Oklahoma


Central Tech has developed safety plans for hundreds of businesses. 

We understand safety requirements of Oklahoma industries and address these in our comprehensive plans. Safety plans pass stringent requirements and are developed for a nominal fee. 

Through safety management, we build a framework around principles and processes to prevent injuries and accidents. 

We work with you to develop your annual safety training plan customized to meet your industry and employee needs. 

All safety plans developed through Central Tech’s Business and Industry Division meet OSHA, DOT, DEQ, and PHMSA requirements. 


You have training options!  

We can conduct training at your site or provide it at our state-of-the-art safety training facilities. All classes meet and/or exceed legal requirements. Some classes can be offered online. If needed, we can assist with reporting, recordkeeping, and keeping you abreast of reporting requirements.


Without proper safety training and a good understanding of safety practices, employees are at a higher risk of workplace injury, illness, or death. 

We want you at your best whether you provide the training to your employees or coordinate it through us. We teach you how to identify needs, evaluate training, and maintain records. 

The vision…a workplace free of accidents and injuries. 

2. Save Your Company Money

A workplace injury can have a detrimental effect on operations. With an employee off work, employers spend more time and resources managing the situation and may need to 

  • Find a replacement 
  • Train the new employee 
  • Handle production disruptions 
  • Pay workers’ compensation 
  • Pay employee compensation 
  • Navigate through legal proceedings 
  • Potentially pay significant fines for safety violations 

Streamlining processes means less time is spent on individual tasks. With more efficient working hours, productivity increases. 

Central Tech Fit Test training

3. Safety Compliance

It goes without saying, it’s the law. Legislation requires employers and their employees to take practical and reasonable steps to ensure health and safety in the workplace. If you are unaware of the required training for your company, we can help.  

Our safety consultants conduct a walk-around of your workplace to identify hazards. They inspect working areas and discuss safety issues based on their observations. We can dig deeper by conducting a formalized safety inspection documenting unsafe work practices and safety hazards to aid you in state and federal compliance. 

Forklift training at Central Tech Sapulpa

4. Raise Company Reviews

As your business maintains a strong health and safety record, you will notice 

  • An increase in productivity 
  • A boost in employee morale 
  • Employees demonstrating a commitment to compliance requirements 

This may lead to stronger relationships such as 

  • Achieving recognition and good standing in the industry 
  • Winning more contracts and growing a business 
  • People wanting to work for your company  
  • Hiring better candidates – creating a stronger workforce 

People want to work for the best and do business with the best. It’s easy to read reviews and see who stands out in the industry. Let our team help you stand out and make a difference. 

Hazwoper training in central Oklahoma

“We couldn’t have grown to where we are without their training.

Steve Weaver, Earl-Le Dozer


  • AHA CPR/First Aid 
  • Confined Space, Entry, Rescue
  • Excavation, Trenching & Shoring 
  • Forklift 
  • Hazmat 49 CFR 
  • Hazwoper – 8, 24, & 40 
  • Heavy Equipment & Aerial Lift 
  • Mechanical Equipment 
  • OSHA 10, 30, etc. 
  • Overhead Crane 
  • Respiratory Fit Testing
  • Rigging 
  • Scaffolding 


  • AAA Driver Improvement Course 
  • Abrasive Blasting 
  • Accident Investigation 
  • ArcFlash 
  • Asbestos 
  • Benzene 
  • Bloodborne Pathogen 
  • Cadmium 
  • Combustible Dust 
  • Compressed Gas 
  • Distractive Driving 
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse 
  • Electrical Safety 
  • Emergency Evacuation 
  • Environmental Training 
  • Ergonomics 
  • Fall Protection 
  • Fall Protection Advanced 
  • Fall Protection Awareness 
  • Fire Safety 
  • Hazard & Risk Assessment Walk-Through 
  • Hazard Communication/GHS 
  • Hearing Protection 
  • Hearing Testing 
  • Heat/Cold Stress 
  • Hot Works
  • Housekeeping 
  • Hydrogen Sulfide 
  • Industrial First Aid 
  • Job Site Analysis (JSA) 
  • Lead Safety 
  • Load Securement 
  • Lockout Tagout 
  • Machine Guarding 
  • NFPA 70E Electrical Safety 
  • Personal Protective Equipment 
  • Respiratory Protection 
  • Silica Safety 
  • Slips, Trips, & Fall 
  • Spill Response 
  • Workplace Violence/Stress 

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