Industrial Maintenance

AC Electricity & Electronics

Introduction to alternating current electricity. Study the characteristics of sine wave including the amplitude, frequency period, and phase relationships analyzing AC circuits by use of AC network theorems, resonant circuits, and filter circuits. 

DC Electricity & Electronics

Introduction to direct currents.  Study electrical properties of materials, units, basic electrical laws and theorems, and electrical circuits and components. This hands-on course gives students experience with electronic design software used in troubleshooting circuits.

Industrial Motor Control

This course provides you with a working knowledge and understanding of the operating principles, applications, and troubleshooting of electromechanical motor control systems.

Programmable Logic Controller

Students will study programmable controllers as they relate to the control of automated systems that includes memory system and I/O interaction, specifications, wiring logic concepts, number systems and codes, the instruction set, ladder logic programming, and application problems.

Hydraulics Pneumatics 

Study hydraulic and pneumatic systems as it relates to fluids, energy and power, pump actuators, control devices, flow distribution, and industrial applications.

Blueprint Reading

This basic course is designed for employees who, in the scope of their jobs, must read and accurately interpret industrial drawings and/or prepare simple technical sketches. The basic components of this course cover blueprint reading with general sketching principles, concepts, ANSI and SI Metric drafting symbols and standards, terminology, manufacturing process notes, and other related technical information contained on a mechanical or CAD-produced engineering drawing.


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