The pipe fusion process joins two pieces of thermoplastic pipe together using heat and pressure.

While commonly associated with high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE), our machines are capable of fusing or welding a variety of different types and sizes of pipe.

Training courses require the students to put theory and instruction into practice. Each Operator Qualification (OQ) session is divided into approximately 30% classroom instruction and 70% hands-on application to provide better learning opportunities and real-world experience.

After instructor led training is complete, students undergo testing, both written and hands-on, to ensure the possess the skills and knowledge required in the field as defined by ASTM standards F2620 and PPI technical reports TR-33 and TR-41.

These processes are commonly used in the gas industry, but we also do training for municipalities, water-distribution, plumbing systems, and various other industries. Employment opportunities are on the rise. Upon successful completion of the exam, students are qualified to perform OQ tasks according to Industrial Training Services (ITS) company’s procedures. Certification is good for one year.

We certify on small & medium pipe, SDR 11 low density polyethylene pipe, and SDR 7 high density polyethylene pipe.

Instructor is McElroy certified. Training is performed on McElroy equipment. McElroy equipment is recognized worldwide as the most reliable, efficient, rugged, and technically-advanced pipe fusion equipment in the world. Curriculum and testing handled through ITS.


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Email: training@centraltech.edu

McElroy Machines & Equipment

  • Electro Fusion
  • In-Field Side Bend Tester
  • In-Field Tensile Tester
  • Mini-Mc & 1LC
  • Pit Bull 28
  • Rolling 412
  • Rolling 28
  • Sidewinder
  • TracStar 412

Training & Certification

  • Butt, Saddle, & Socket Fusion
  • Electro Fusion
  • Bolt-on Saddle
  • Sidewall Fusion
  • Hot Tap
  • PVC to Poly Transition
  • Mechanical Fitting
    • Compression Coupling
    • Stab Fitting
    • Non-Bottom & Bottom Out Compression Coupling
  • Data Logger 6