Scheduled classes/trainings are available to individuals and companies.

If you are wanting to learn or improve your manufacturing skills, you can pick and choose the courses you need or enroll in a complete pathway.

Companies who wish to send one or more employees in lieu of setting up training at their business location may choose from open enrollment classes below. If you prefer training on your location, please contact us to schedule.


picture of a milling machine


Basic Machining classes include Blueprint Reading, Intro to Basic Machining, Intro to Machine Tool, Manual Machines & Shop Safety, and Intro to CNC Operation & Programming.
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two people working on CAD in a manufacturing facility


The computer-aided drafting course introduces students to the basic concepts of AutoCAD. You will become familiar with the workspace, fundamentals, and principles of design.
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photo of a cow with horns


Cattle classes include: Artificial Insemination (AI) and Pond Management
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picture of an industrial maintenance technician using an ohm meter


Classes include Safety, AC/DC Electricity & Electronics, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Industrial Motor Control, Programmable Controls, and Machine Tool.
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photo of person welding


This custom course builds on itself as you choose to add as many segments as you want to gain the skills you need. Choose how you spend your class time.
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