Welding/Fabrication Technology

Combination Welder

This program will teach you to do quality welding for a variety of construction and manufacturing jobs using multiple structural welding techniques. Instruction will cover:

  • Welding Theory & Safety
  • Fabrication
  • Layout
  • Print Reading
  • Symbols
  • Math
  • Welding Codes
  • Metal Characteristics/Properties
  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting

You will learn to perform high quality welds in accordance with welding procedure specifications used in a variety of welding occupations. You will also gain an introduction to pipe welding skills, using SMAW, FCAW GMAW, and GTAW techniques.

Areas of Study:

  • Fundamentals of Welding & Cutting Processes
  • SMAW Welding Processes
  • GMAW & GTAW Welding Processes
  • FCAW & Welding Specialties
  • Workforce Transitions

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The welding program provides excellent preparation to enter the workforce with both feet on the ground.
Mark Elliott, Mark Elliott Fabrication & Services LLC