Three pathway options

Advanced Health Careers (AHC) is open to high school seniors and adult students. You can choose either: 

All three of these options give graduates the opportunity to go right to work or pursue higher education and advanced health degrees.  

In addition to your pathway choice, you will participate as a Future Health Professionals of America (formerly known as HOSA) member. Officers of the organization create a “plan of work” to schedule monthly community service. In the past students have provided a mini health fair for a shelter, staffed a first aid tent for children cancer survivors, taught first aid to girl scouts troops, ran a canned food drive, and volunteered at a wildlife refuge.  




If you choose this option, you should earn a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Certification in the first semester and a National Phlebotomy Certification in the second semester. In addition to learning health skills such as drawing blood and monitoring/understanding vitals, you quickly learn how to communicate and work with different types of people.  

During your second semester, you will gain clinical hours in a nursing home, clinic, or hospital. If you are interested in specific health fields like sonography, radiology, or dentistry, let your instructor know. Our teachers will work with you to find job shadowing opportunities allowing you to experience these areas first-hand as you determine your medical pathway.  

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be ready to join the health care industry as a CNA or as a phlebotomist. Many of our students seek higher education and pursue doctor degrees (MD, DO, etc.), physician assistant (PA), nursing degrees (LPN, RN, BSN, APRN, etc.), or even combat medics in the military. With more than 200 health care occupations, this is a great place to start and find your direction in the medical field. 

Areas of Study

  • LTC & Home Health
  • Diagnostic Aid Capstone
  • Phlebotomy Practicum
  • Nurse Assistant Capstone
  • Phlebotomy Specimen Collection & Processing
phlebotomy student taking blood

Potential Career Path

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If you love animals (more than people, lol), then this is the place for you.  

Our veterinary class lets you jump right into clinical settings in the classroom. The AHC class uses an incubator to hatch chickens, host a dog day, cat day, and bird day – where students practice their skills. Some years they’ve experienced horses and bearded dragons as patients.  

Outside of the classroom setting, you will enjoy nearly three months of veterinary clinicals. You and your classmates may see everything from house pets to equine therapy and cattle to exotic reptiles and birds. You also have the privilege of learning from other schools and businesses. For example, students have spent time at the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine and the Jenks Aquarium where learners received behind-the-scenes tours and animal information.  

Upon successful completion of the class, you can choose to go right to work as a veterinary assistant or pursue a higher degree. Many of our students earn a Veterinary Technology (AAS) associate degree through TCC or earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) through OSU Veterinary Medicine. 

Veterinary Assistants feed and bathe animals, administer medication as prescribed by the veterinarian, and assist the veterinary team with animal nursing techniques.

You will learn Veterinary Medical Terminology, how to do basic office procedures, and how to provide large and small animal care including how to perform diagnostic procedures.

Areas of Study

  • Vet Med Term & Office Management
  • Animal Care & Medicine
  • Diagnostic & Surgical Procedures & Pharmacology
  • Principles of Pathology & Parasitology
  • Internship for Veterinary Assistant
veterinary assistant student at Central Tech taking care of a dog

Potential Career Path

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So, you’re an athlete who loves sports and wants to make a career out of helping others recover from injuries and improve their performance. In sports medicine you will learn to help all people with muscle, bone, and joint treatment, not just athletes. 

This class focuses on the trauma and rehabilitation side of the medical field instead of dealing with blood and guts. You will also learn treatment and management of concussions (mild traumatic brain injury). 

Since students in this class are preparing for higher education, you will take field trips to learn about career options. Students in the past have visited the University of Tulsa, University of Oklahoma, and The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital (for those interested in pediatrics). Tulsa’s Athletic Training program shared with student’s current technologies and equipment used for injury prevention, injury management, rehabilitation of injury’s, and education on healthy living. At OU, students went behind the scenes to visit with and experience a day in the life of athletes and athletic trainers. 

Many students choose to volunteer or accept paid summer jobs aiding physical therapists in clinics or hospitals. In fact, some schools require these volunteer hours as a prerequisite for acceptance into physical therapy school.  

After completion of the course, you may choose to pursue physical therapy (PT or PTA), occupational therapy, speech therapy, exercise physiology, chiropractic adjustment, or athletic training. 

You will also be provided a history and introduction to the athletic training profession and an introduction to pharmacology and nutrition.

Areas of Study

  • Sports Med Essential
  • Therapeutic Modalities & Exercise
  • Kinesiology & Clinical Mentorship
  • Exercise Physiology

Potential Career Path

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Some of the Advanced Health Career Vet students had a great time touring the OSU Vet school and hospital!
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Thank you Advanced Health Careers students for the sweet treats and message today!
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Advanced Health Career students choose from three options: diagnostic aide & nurse aide, veterinary assistant, or sports medicine. As a graduate, they can go straight to work or pursue higher education and advanced health degrees.
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Celebrating 50 Years in 50 Words - "Nursing was and always has been my first passion. I knew, however, in nursing school that I wanted to teach one day. It's one of the most rewarding jobs here at Central Tech, to watch these kids learn, have fun, discover their own passion, and go on to be successful!" - Brandi Fisher, BSN, RN, 2014, Advanced Health Careers Instructor #centraltechAHC ...

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