Hooves on the Ground (HOTG) is a restorative experience that empowers disabled military veterans, active duty, and first responders to:

  • Develop a strong sense of accomplishment
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Build a trusting relationship with their horses and mentors
  • Learn basic horsemanship skills

Recent research in the therapeutic use of equines demonstrates how horses have the innate qualities of being unique partners in healing, both physically and emotionally.

The program design utilizes these characteristics to benefit participants dealing with issues related to emotional and/or physical wounds suffered as a result of their service.

Each participant partners with a mentor and horse of their choice for a weekly class over an 8-week session. The classes include lessons in ground-work, riding, and equine care.

This class is held in partnership with The Right Path. Call The Right Path at 918.612.0002 to register.

Dates Days Tuition
Dates: 2/15/22-4/12/22 Days: T Tuition: FREE