The Sky’s The Limit!

Aviation is full of rewarding careers and there’s always the opportunity to fly higher. 

Does repairing and maintaining aircraft parts pique your interest? Then becoming an Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) and tending to aircraft engines, landing gear, brakes, and air-conditioning is for you. 

In partnership with Consolidated Turbine Specialists, Mint Turbines, PAS MRO, and Vertical Aerospace we are bringing this 14-course pathway to you.

Since the classes are taught by employees from our partner companies who are hiring, there’s a chance you’ll end up with a job offer before class is over!  

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Aviation Maintenance Pathway:

2/21Safety, Ground Operations, and Servicing12
3/7Regulations, Maintenance Forms, Records, and Publications18
4/4Mathematics in Aviation Maintenance12
4/18Aircraft Drawings12
5/2Physics for Aviation18
5/23Aircraft Weight and Balance12
6/6Aircraft Materials, Hardware, and Processes24
7/11Cleaning and Corrosion Control12
7/25Fluid Lines and Fittings12
8/8Inspection Concepts and Techniques48
10/3Hand Tools and Measuring Devices12
10/17Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics18
11/7Mechanic Privileges and Limitations6
11/14Human Factors24

Pre-Enroll Now:

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