Nighttime Housekeeper

Posted 2 weeks
Location Cleveland, Oklahoma
Type Full-Time
Categories Service/Hospitality & Personal

POSITION SUMMARY:  Cleaning of the Hospital and clinic as specified by night lead.  Must be flexible and self- motivated.


 Disinfects and clean with the approved chemical in exams rooms, door handles, beds, furnishings, bathroom, break rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, training rooms, and offices.
 Disinfects and sterilizes equip0ment and supplies.
 Sweeps, scrubs, waxes, and polishes the floors when asked.
 Clean upholstered furniture, chairs, and wheels on chairs.
 Dust furniture, cabinets, windowsills, equipment.
 Polishes metalwork.
 Washes walls, ceilings, and woodwork.
  Washes windows and door panels.
  Empties wastebasket and transports to proper disposal.
   Empties bio- hazard bins and takes to bio- hazard building.
   Empties sharps containers in hospital lab and clinic.
   Keeps storage and janitor rooms clean and orderly condition.
   At end of shift has taken all trash out and cleans equipment.
   Is aware of SDS sheets in their area.
  Adheres to behavioral competency.
  Adheres to mandatory flu vaccination policy.
   Adhere to Dress Code and phone and computer use.
   Other duties as assigned.

Cleaning equipment, scrubber, side by side, and window equipment.


None required but preferred.


This position does not supervise.


Primarily standing or walking.  Must be able to walk or move about the entire campus on a routine basis.  Must be able to lift 50 lbs. using appropriate body mechanic techniques.  Utilizes good hearing, vocal and visual skills, requires frequent bend, stooping and stretching.          

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